Step-By-Step directions to install hardwood floors

If you are reading this, it means that you have decided to master the task of how to install hardwood floors.  There are a lot of companies that will be willing to do the job for you; however as this is not an easy job they will be charging you accordingly. This will translate into a huge bill on your pocket which you can avoid with a bit of extra effort. Plus another edge to learning how to install hardwood floors is that you will have that added feeling when you will enter the room that you have done the job yourself.

The first step in the process of how to install hardwood floors is to place the wood in the room where the flooring needs to be done for a minimum of two weeks. This is so that the wood can expand or contract according to the temperature of the room. Once this is done and the hardwood floor is ready, it is time to remove the previous floor to the level of the sub-floor; in the process of how to install hardwood floors. There are some who say that there is no need of this removal, but it is suggested that one undertakes this step as this will help in the placement of the wood floor. Also this makes the alignment and the balance of the hardwood floor much better.

Once you have covered these steps in the process of how to install hardwood floors it is time to work on some important measurement tasks. The floor’s length and breadth needs to be measured accurately as they are very critical for the placement of the right size of the wood floor in the right place. After the measurements have been taken, it is highly suggested that you start placing the wood floor from the longest side of the floor. This helps keep a check on the alignment and balance of the entire working. Another suggestion is that you keep on checking the quality of your work side by side. This is because waiting till the end might be too late and due to the human error some serious mistakes can be made that will cause trouble in the long run.

Once enough wood floor has been set in place it is time for you to set in the nails. When you reach this level place the face nails first and only then start with the side nails. This format will help in the better placement of the wood floor. Once the entire wood floor is placed it is time to get rid of the extra extensions. These wood chips need to be cut with the help of a jamb saw. This will cut all the extra pieces and you will have the perfect looking floor.

An added piece of advice here is that use carpet patches to place all the tools so that they don’t leave any stain on the floor. They also help the knees as well.